In ZADA group we embrace innovation though all our business interactions. Running diversified business lines, we aim to maintain quality, agility and a sustainable customer satisfaction. ZADA is distinguished by its vision, capabilities and its transformative approach in doing business. Our sound projects have its direct positive impact on the whole society.


ZADA Systems

ZADA systems brings about a new era of IT solutions, foregoing traditional ways and methodologies of IT practices and bringing in the tools of the future to create highly detailed, expertly designed problem solving systems within organizations to found prosperous bonds between businesses.
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ZADA Trade and Logistics

ZADA Trade and Logistics (ZADA T&L) is the medium that brings global businesses in unison through various trading activities, superb terminal management and outstanding logistics operations.
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ZADA Real Estate

Embedding the client’s hopes and dreams in every project is the motto of ZADA Real Estate; it offers a distinct and varied array of developmental projects stemming from a large portfolio that covers the entire spectrum of the real-estate market.
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ZADA Education

While most organizations offer out-dated educational and training programs, ZADA prides itself as a prominent entity that offers contemporary business education, organizational training and avant-garde consultancy services that are derived from practical scientific applications.
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Why We Are Different



ZADA focuses on quality delivery of its project, quality control and quality assurance disciplines which ensure highest customer satisfaction and enforces their trust in our capabilities.



Integrity is part of ZADA’s culture, we observe integrity in dealing with our staff, customers, suppliers and partners .We believe in business ethics and integrity of our staff and the organizational behavior is pivotal to our success.



Innovation is our number one strategy, where we seek, incubate and provide along all our services to our customers. We never stop thinking out of the box to provide transformational solutions.



ZADA ensures highest level of adaptability in response to its customers’ needs while maintaining quality and meeting budget constraints. Our internal processes, project management & financial capabilities leverage our business edge towards our clients.

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