ZADA Trade and Logistics (ZADA T&L) is the medium that brings global businesses in unison through various trading activities, superb terminal management and outstanding logistics operations.

ZADA’s trade activities circumscribe ease of export and import while being the mediator of global business.
ZADA creates key focal points spread across different locations to create logistical gateways that connect to one another.

ZADA focuses on innovative and opportune logistical solutions with high regards to the Highway Grid, in order to have it utilized to its maximum potential and as such it aims to create key hubs and facility center along the map. Not only does this create a series of logistical networks between countries, this also creates multiple opportunities for businesses to thrive on.

The upkeep of transportation logistics is rapidly increasing, and accordingly ZADA constantly works on forging business alliances and strategic partnerships that benefit both ends in reducing market costs for upkeep through logistical solutions. These solutions not only reinforce door-to-door solutions, they also open up new gateways of innovative and enhanced business transactions.

ZADA prides itself in being able to create specialized and unique facilities that deal mainly in commodities and produce. ZADA’s strategic plan focuses on aggressively expanding through penetrating newborn markets as they offer gigantic potential for growth.